Emmelshausen Umgebung

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Discover Emmelshausen, Koblenz and the Hunsrück

Hiking and Cycling

The Hunsrück offers the best routes to personalise your own hiking holiday.


Discover plenty of bends and sheer driving pleasure in the Hunsrück on the back of a motorcycle.

Ehrbach Valley

Framed by the rocky cliffs of the signature Hunsrück slate, a narrow path trails through the Ehrbach valley.

Ehrbach Gorge

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Hunsrück meanders through the Ehrbach gorge at Emmelshausen.

Baybach Valley

The Baybach valley takes you on a journey of a very special kind.


The Hunsrück offers a scenic environment and a variety of beautiful hiking and cycling trails.


Set out on a boat trip from the Deutsches Eck, or German Corner, and experience the UNESCO World Heritage Rhine Valley.

Castles & Fortresses

The castles and fortresses of our country are stony witnesses of a bygone era and of a cultural heritage.


The Hunsrück offers its guests and visitors a largely untouched region with idyllic landscapes and many attractions.