Motorrad fahren im Hunsrück


Motorcycle tours in the Hunsrück and along the Mosel river

The Hunsrück and Mosel are one of the most popular motorcycle destinations in Germany. The region is characterised by a rich canvas of changing landscapes. A choice of sweeping highways to twisty routes leaves bikers with nothing more to be desired. Enjoy the scenic views along the Mosel valley. Historic castles and romantic half-timbered houses line the banks of the Mosel river. Historic hill-climbing racetracks wind through vineyards and steep slopes up the flanks of the Hunsrück. The river valley is the perfect destination for a weekend day trip. No wonder that the Hunsrück and the Mosel are treated as an insider's tip among bikers.

Motorcyclists are welcome at our hotel. Our guests can park their bikes for free in our garage. Spend the night in one of our cosy hotel rooms in Emmelshausen and be invigorated for the rest of your motorcycle tour the next day.

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