Wandern in Emmelshausen

Ehrbach Valley

Hiking in the Ehrbach valley

Framed by the rocky cliffs of the signature Hunsrück slate, a narrow path trails through the Ehrbach valley past small waterfalls, which nature lovers consider to be one of the most beautiful hiking trails that the Hunsrück has to offer.

The Ehrbach valley runs parallel to the Baybach valley from Buchholz to Brodenbach down to the Mosel river. Parts of the trail are carved into the rock, over several bridges, past boulders and steep slopes. Wooden bridges, stairs and small climbing tours bring variety to the Ehrbach valley hiking experience. Hikers are thrilled by the breathtaking natural beauty of the Ehrbach valley. Three medieval castles line the route along the valley, with the Ehrenburg castle leading the attraction. Several former mills also invite you to linger a little longer on your hiking trip.

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