Hiking and Cycling

Hiking and cycling in the Hunsrück

The Hunsrück offers the best routes to personalise your own hiking holiday. Hiking in the Hunsrück means discovering nature with all your senses. Its diversity and uniqueness characterise the flora of the Hunsrück. However, those who prefer cycling to hiking by no means need to feel neglected in the Hunsrück. An extensive network of hiking and cycling paths criss-crosses the landscape.

Worthy of a special mention is the Schinderhannes cycle path between Emmelshausen and Simmern that follows the old track of the Hunsrück Railway. It offers 40 km of comfortable and relatively easy pedalling without any great uphills to speak of. Besides cyclists, it is also popular among inline skaters. Then there are numerous side routes of varying difficulty connected to the Schinderhannes cycle path. Hotel Münster offers all hiking and cycling friends comfortable overnight accommodation in one of our 16 modern guest rooms. 

Bicycle rental 10,00 Euro per day